Episode 171: Crossing the Streams

Episode 171: Crossing the Streams

Ep 171 Dolby

As far as I can figure, the modern furniture company Ethan Allen has no direct tie to the historical Ethan Allen. It seems to be just as simple as 'This furniture company started up in Vermont, where Ethan Allen was a hero, so they decided to name their company after him.'

The Ticonderoga pencil, however, is no light matter. It is a quality writing instrument, attractively packaged, with a good feel in the hand. No man need be ashamed of his writing implements so long as he is packing a box of flag-bedecked Ticonderogas.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 171 Geoff

Why, I haven't seen the upside-down Pope picture in a while!


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