Episode 156: The Man Who Would Be Poe

Episode 156: The Man Who Would Be Poe

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So, one of my very first exposures to Poe was in the book The Man Who Was Poe by Avi.

I think I read this book when I was ten or so.

Anyway, what this book taught me about Poe was that:
1.) He was a bad ass detective when he could get hootched up enough to give a shit.
2.) He was perfectly willing to kill people, or merely let them die through inaction, in order to find inspiration for a story.

I have since learned that these facts that form the kernel of my impressions about Poe are, more or less, incorrect.

However, the Poe I present in this episode is more of the one inside my childish heart than not; tanked to the gills and figuring things out. (It is possible that I hadn't yet discovered Sherlock Holmes when I first read "The Man Who Was Poe" or was reading Holmes around the same time, causing some bleed in my impressions.)


Ep 156 Dolby

Well, the youngest von Luckner turns one year old today! No more the raucous rebellion of the zeros for her. No, she has taken on the mantle of responsibility with a gravitas and due sense of humility fitting for her advanced years. She has staked out a career in the military as her lot, being the second child, and will leave tomorrow for the Crimea.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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