Episode 140: Nothing in Life is so Exhilarating...

Episode 140: Nothing in Life is so Exhilarating...

Ep 140 Geoff

Unfortunately (at least for me), it didn't really work to have more Mr. Skull in today's episode.

Mr. Skull has ended up with the Mystery Cube and the Fopstick, so it is a good bet we'll trot him out again at some point.


Ep 140 Dolby

Prior to his assassination, Lincoln was actually fired directly upon twice in his life while going out on night rides through the streets of the capitol. He laughed off the first attempt, but when the second succeeded in shooting the hat off of his head, he heeded the word of his chief of security to be moderately more careful with his person.

Had that chief of security been around the night of Lincoln's assassination, Booth would probably not have been successful. As it happened, the least competent of Lincoln's guard, an ex-cop with a pretty smudgy record, was on duty that night and decided to pull himself up a chair to watch the show in between trips outside the theater for drinks, with the result that Booth could have assassinated Lincoln by elephant and not been discovered in time to be stopped.


- Count Dolby von Luckner

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