Episode 138: The Peter (the Great) Principle

Episode 138: The Peter (the Great) Principle

Ep 138 Geoff

Regarding The Count's post below, there was a store in Japan called the Dandy House that I thought would be like the Gentleman's Emporium, but it wasn't.

Oh no, it wasn't.

Regarding the comic, anytime I get to write "Grrrrr!" "Arrrrgh!" "Wumph" and call that dialog I am a happy man.

Of course, writing something in the script like:
Panel 7 – (full panel, Peter is jamming the arm he broke off into the beaver mouth cannon. It should totally be coming out the b-tron’s back (so a side shot, I guess))
SFX: Whatever sound effect beaver-robot impalement is?

Means I have to color up something intricate like that. And come up with a beaver-robot impalement sound effect.


Ep 138 Dolby

This has been a pretty neat week, all things considered. Monday was the anniversary of the joyful matrimonial union of The Countess and I, and yesterday marked 18 continuous months of Frederick the Great being broadcast to THE WORLD!

Oh, but how to celebrate...

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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