Episode 130: Lightning in a Bottle

Episode 130: Lightning in a Bottle

Ep 130 Geoff

I was trying to think up ideas for dumb things that one could potentially use an internal combustion engine to power.

So, while thinking on it, I asked my brother what he thought the dumbest thing was.

His answer was the Eggs Erroneous machine from Ernest Goes to Camp.

This answer is about as correct as it gets.


Ep 130 Dolby

Oh, Delaflotte. Apparently, had Frederick not inadvertently erased your ancestors from time, you would apparently have, in the 18th century, already invented Evolutionary Theory, Relativity Theory, the Silicon Microchip, and the Internal Combustion Engine.

Which just goes to show what Ray Bradbury already told us: Don't squash insects.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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