Episode 118: Yay Unto the Gates of Death

Episode 118: Yay Unto the Gates of Death

Ep 118 Dolby

Two removals of the tophat are in order. The first for physicist John Wheeler, a minor hero of mine, and not only because he was the thesis advisor for a major hero of mine, Richard Feynman, but for a massive gift to communicate odd notions of the quantum world for we armchair scientists. Austen Andrews over at Gordian Algebra has written a beautiful memorial for him that I recommend all to partake of.

Secondly, Edward Lorenz passed away just today. Early Chaos theoretician, and the man behind some pretty pretty pictures of profound implication - it's sad to see a good mathematician go, especially one who held the bolts of Pure Chaos in his hands.

The world thanks you for work well done, and you will be missed.

Next Week: Two very strange comics.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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