Episode 116: Sectionalism For Monarchs

Episode 116: Sectionalism For Monarchs

Ep 116 Dolby

Okay, so this might be a SLIGHT overgeneralization of the South's reasons for going to war. Or perhaps it isn't. Looking at the leadership of the Confederate army, you get everything from Nathan Bedford Forrest's 'If we ain't fighting to keep our slaves, what is we fightin' for?' to Robert E. Lee's many statements that slavery was a fundamental evil not worthy of a civilized people.

In more solemn news, we are moving to a new house soon and as part of general belt-tightening tomorrow will be my last visit to the ole comic store for some time. Farewell Mr. Parker and Mr. Wade Wilson, may I see you again soon in more flush times!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 116 Geoff

There is an old postcard on my fridge from parts South that is a painting of Lee and some other famous Confederate that is emblazoned with the title "Legends in Gray". The little info text on the back talks about how the South went to war to preserve states rights. If it is good enough for the Legends then it is good enough for me.

Apropos of loosely related, I've long maintained that the best "pregnant couple" Halloween costume would be General Grant and (pregnant) General Lee. Complete with fake beard.


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