Episode 104: Napoleonic Yub Nub

Episode 104: Napoleonic Yub Nub

Ep 104 Dolby

First of all, happy anniversary to Subnormality, one of my favorite things ever. This last strip in particular tickled me in a place I know well and am deeply ashamed of.

Ah, Ewoks. I was recently over at my step-cousin-in-law's playing a round of Star Wars Miniatures in which I controlled a group of Imperial forces led by Admiral Ozzel that were attempting to chase down some crashed rebel pilots through a forest. I was doing all right and then my esteemed opponent started launching Ewoks from the depths of the forest to shield his retreating pilots. At that very moment, the objective of the game switched in my head from "Cut Off Retreating Rebel Pilots" to "Slaughter Ewoks." This I proceeded to do, to the delight of all. There is a whole generation out there that was deeply scarred by the lameness of the Ewoks, and every once in a while that simmering resentment flashes forward in ugly ways. Ugly, but also deeply satisfying.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 104 Geoff


All this Ewok hate is overshadowing the fact that Abe has finally appeared in the comic.
Which isn't to say that Ewok hate isn't right and proper, because it is, but props need to be given to Abe.

In totally unrelated news, "Cable and Deadpool" has ended and this is a sad thing.


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