Episode 82: Rossbach. Austerlitz. Hoth.

Episode 82: Rossbach.  Austerlitz.  Hoth.

Ep 82 Dolby

Frederick was buried in Potsdam for quite a while in spite of the fact that his will declared his desire to be buried without ceremony at Sans Souci and the other fact that he loathed Potsdam, the site of his father's alcohol and tobacco benders, with a cold fury that can only be described as Prussian. He was moved around a bit during the early 20th century until finally they buried him at Sans Souci as per his final request.

Napoleon had huge respect for Frederick the Great. This incident, the visiting of Frederick's tomb, is a real one amidst the sea of made-up stuff we cook up with profane glee. In his writings, he ranks Frederick one of the eight greatest military leaders in all of human history (the other seven? Alexander, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Gustavus Adolphus, Turenne, Prince Eugene and, of course, Napoleon.)

He had basically no respect for England, however. He considered them book-keepers and merchants to a man, incapable of fighting with any degree of real elan. Wellington eventually convinced him out of that.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 82 Geoff

Count, isn't Sanssouci located in Potsdam?

Or, back in Frederick's time, was it far enough outside the city proper as to escape from the odors of fish and flatulence? Only getting swallowed up by the expansion of Potsdam in later years?

My knowledge of Potsdam is not very great.

When I was a child, I just assumed it was the capital of Pottsylvania.


Ep 82 Dolby II

True, but Sanssouci wasn't completed until 1747, and our Frederick is from 1745, and so still has the Potsdam of his father in mind, I figure.

But, yeah, this line should probably read, "The Potsdam Garrison!? I wouldn't bury Maria Theresa's dogs, etc...."

Garrison is an innately funny word.

- Da Count

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