Episode 57: Never Underestimate A Man Who Has Pigs at his Disposal

Episode 57: Never Underestimate A Man Who Has Pigs at his Disposal

Ep 57 Geoff

We are moving at full speed again!

Frederick sure does seem to end up in prison frequently.


Ep 57 Dolby

Ah, Prussian Blue, how my heart goes out at the sight of you!

So, we are back to our main story after a month of pretty much just yukking it up with Ty Cobb and Mary Baker Eddy. A recap for those who haven't been visiting the archives every day for the past month:

As we rejoin the adventure, Emily Dickinson, Anne Boleyn, and Frederick are in England after Euler revealed the connection between Euler and Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII's first wife. An incredibly successful plan involving a fake mole and an equally fake knight got the team admission to the court of Henry, only to find Aragon, Loyola, and a mysterious robed figure there waiting for them.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Peter the Great and Isaac Newton were attempting to stop Franz von Sickingen from murdering the ancestors of Galileo Galilei when Peter unwittingly teamed with Sickingen and is now poised to beat the hell out of a disguised Newton.

There, that should about do it. In the meantime, I just noticed that, each time I draw Catherine of Aragon, I morph her closer and closer to the witch from The Day The Earth Froze. That is either profound or it is not.

And now your Donnie Murphy Update:

Donnie Murphy was placed on the 15 Day Disabled List retroactively to August 19 for some sort of rib muscle injury. It is good of him to pretend that he can be physically harmed... gives the kids a sense of hope.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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