Episode 25: Hush Up Baby and Let Dali Drive

Episode 25: Hush Up Baby and Let Dali Drive

Ep 25 Geoff

Oh man. Looks like we are heading into a run of Geoff-scripted episodes.

Also, someone asked me why, unlike most other webcomics, we here at Frederick the Great don't update at midnight Eastern Time but instead wait until midnight Pacific Time.

The answer is simple. We are West Coast 4 life.

Ep 25 Dolby

Well, no winners of the Not Remotely A Prize last week, I am sad to report. While some correctly noted that there was something a little screwy about the double integral, nobody happened to see that Salvador Dali is entirely without moustache in the first panel.

In other news, whether the Marquis de Sade was the true originator of the Crunk Cup is a subject still hotly debated by historians.

I also managed to do up a bit of FanArt over the weekend for our good pal over at The Unstuffed. Check it out!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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