Episode 22: ... Breaching Space and Time!

Episode 22: ... Breaching Space and Time!

Ep 22 Geoff

Fear not readers, we hadn't somehow forgotten that Frederick is in possession of a chapeau that could have gotten him out of prison easily. We just figured that the best time to do some prison gags was whle Frederick was unaware of the extent of the chapeau's abilities and limitations.

Not to say that Frederick is all of a sudden aware of the full extent of what the chapeau can and can't do.

Episode 22 Dolby

De Sade? Did he just say DE SADE?

Indeed, he did. Really, if you're powering a device called the Libido Gate without using the soul of a wanton eighteenth century libertine/philosopher, then you might as well just not power it at all.

- DvL

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