Episode 7: Why, Hello Dali...

Episode 7: Why, Hello Dali

Episode 7 Dolby

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the first FtG mini-boss: Salvador Dali... *Mega Man 2 Level Intro / Boss Reveal Fanfare*

Why Dali? Perhaps because I looked at Geoff's innocent, hopeful face and couldn't deny him his dream of entire panels swarming with clock-stomached alligators.... Perhaps because the Dali Lobby finally "got to us", cajoling us to cash in on our respectability before having actually attained it... or perhaps, just perhaps, the reason will be revealed to The Patient in due course...

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Well, I was going to use this space to say a few words in defense of The Enlightenment, but, on reflection, I won't.

- DvL

Episode 7 Geoff

It is true. When I visited the Teatro-Museo DalĂ­ in Figueres, Spain, I was fascinated by (what is probably) a crocodile with a clock in its belly. Somehow, these clockwork reptiles failed to loosen their grip on my imagination, became alligators for unknown reasons in the agitation of my mind, and worked their way into this comic.

Fitting in with the bling theme of this episode, here is the original gold-encrusted "gator":


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