Episode 2: Passion Play

Episode 2: Passion Play

Episode 2 Dolby

The Count declares:

Wow. Episode 2. If you’d told me back on January 16, 2007 that I’d be sitting here today, writing the chatter for the SECOND episode of Frederick the Great, I’d have boxed your ears with Bibles for telling dirty lies and thinking impure thoughts about kin.

And yet, here we are. This episode has a twisted, film-noir-like past. It was originally authored and drawn by the estimable and enigmatic Holland Smith as a two-part episode to act as episodes 1 and 2. However, before the drawings for the second episode could be finished, Holland was claimed by the siren song of Lady Eigenfunction. The idea was just too beautiful to be lost to the world, but we didn't want to switch art styles halfway through the story. So, we recast it as a single episode and hired a preternaturally gifted chimp to do the new drawings.

That chimp is I. Do I miss the jungle? Yes. Of course. But I think that, if I had to go back, I’d miss Mozart more. No, don’t cry for me. Just look away. I’ll be fine. Given time, I’ll be fine.


Episode 2 Geoff

Aqueducts, the Bacchanalia, the Justinian Code, and Fuzzy Pink Bunnies; these are the enduring legacies of the Roman Empire.

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