Chapter One: Salvador Dali and the Libido Gate





Episodes 1 to 30

Salvador Dali is wreaking surreal havoc, and to stop him Frederick drafts Isaac Newton as the first member of his crack time of time-traveling fix it men.  Dali’s grand plan?  To open up the Libido Gate and flood the world with unchecked libidinal energy.  How can an enlightened monarch and a Seventeenth Century physicist possibly stop it?


Chapter Two: Ignatius of Loyola vs. The Scientific Revolution





Episodes 31 to 74

The ancestors of great scientists are being erased from history by a powerful new weapon – if it keeps up, the Scientific Revolution will be erased from existence.  Adding some muscle to Newton’s cerebral heft, Frederick adds Peter to the team, and heads to England, where Ignatius of Loyola has teamed up with Catherine of Aragon to commit a scheme most foul!


Chapter Three: The Thoremerson Joins the Civil War





Episodes 75 to 170

Frederick Douglass has been turned by Ethan Allen’s dark arts, and is making a transcendental monster to drive the Civil War in a wholly new direction, while Frederick teams up with Napoleon and Abe Lincoln himself to put a stop to it.  Featuring Edgar Allen Poe, a most improbable train, and US Grant’s bear, it’s the American Civil War, Frederickfied!


Chapter Four: It’s a Far, Far, Far, Far Future





Episodes 171 to 204

Allen leaps into the distant future to team up with Dr. Valeria Grinder in a plot to remove Frederick’s meddling with the time stream once and for all.  Earscarves and space bernards for everybody!


Chapter Five: Light Opera and Heavy Consequences





Episodes 205 to 245

Imagine, if you dare, a history in which WS Gilbert never met Arthur Sullivan, and the operettas they co-wrote never… got… made!  Too terrible to contemplate, I know, but this chapter does just that, investigating the dire consequences that result when Europe is starved of its patter song bestrewn light opera.  While Necromancer hunting robots roam the Earth and James Clerk Maxwell summons elder gods from the deep, it’s up to Frederick and the team to get Gilbert and Sullivan back together, at all costs!


Chapter Six: Accidentally Conquering China, Purposefully Killing Coolidge





Episodes 246 to 315

What happens when you get Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and Alexander the Great together in the same room with an unlimited supply of booze and a hat that controls space and time?  How do you undo the massive damage to the timeline that results?  And how do you do it while hunting the dread darkness of Calvin Coolidge?


Chapter Seven: Ivan the Fabulous and the Moscow that Wasn’t





Episodes 316 to 351

Frederick’s shenanigans with Alexander the Great had the small side effect of rewriting the history of Moscow.  Where once there was a backward and barbarous land, the new 16th century Rus is a haven of science and forward thinking, led by Ivan the Fabulous.  Problem is, they’re TOO civilized now to check the future ambitions of Napoleon.  Peter gives Ivan some lessons on being a tsar, while Abe meets a mysterious witch deep in the forests of Russia who changes his life forever, and Newton might or might not attempt to sever France from Europe.


Chapter Eight: Pablo Picasso and the Collective Unconscious





Episodes 357 to 409

Gifted by the Power of Possibility with the ability to see in five dimensions, modest painter Pablo Picasso becomes a force bent on dominating the multi-verse and flooding it with his own vision of the world, and thanks to Carl Jung’s gate to the Collective Unconscious, he has the terrifying means to do it! Can our team stop him in time, and what, if anything, do pigeons have to do with it all?


Chapter Nine: Karl Marx and the Castle Improbable






Episodes 410 to 446

Foiled in his attempt to use Pablo Picasso to disrupt standard continuity, the Power of Possibility turns to history’s most gifted, most subtle assassin: Karl Marx, whose ability to erase figures from history through dialectic analysis is brutal and effective.  To stop him, Frederick builds himself an army of Tertiary Historical Figures, men and women too insignificant to be targeted by Marx, but still possessing their own specialized, if limited, gifts.


Chapter Ten: Abe’s Groove and de Beauvoir’s Experiment





Episodes 447 to 574

While Simone de Beauvoir plots to advance the cause of feminism by changing Dwight Eisenhower into a woman, Abe goes on a spirit quest, led by Jack Kerouac, to regain his lost Flave powers.  Guest starring the Middlin Presidents of Nineteenth Century America, and featuring a climactic battle of the bands at the foot of Coit Tower, it’s the biggest Frederick story ever told!


Chapter Eleven: Grad Students Destroy the World





Episodes 575 to 624

The Collegium, a group of academics who kidnap historical figures and drain them of historical energy to feed their endless need to Produce Journal Content, went too far when they made a theft that roused the interest of Leonhard Euler.  In the aftermath of his attack on their fortress, Marie Antoinette, Carl Sagan, and the young Isaac Newton all get infused with a super-abundance of historical moxie, with consequences too beautiful and terrible to contemplate!  Guest starring Jacques Derrida and the Mussorgsky-cycle!


Chapter Twelve: The Heist

Episodes 625 and ongoing!