Descartes is probably right in that Christina would not have had a particularly rollicking time with a legion of Puritan thinkers in her army. Even when her Catholic conversion was full upon her, she had a hard time subduing her natural vigor when Church ceremony so demanded, and the dour world of American Protestantism was about as ill-suited towards her exuberance as one could get.
Speaking of American Protestantism, if you get Philosophy Now, you might have noticed William Lane Craig’s amusing article which begins by claiming that he is going to blow the lid off all your conceptions of American philosophical theology and ends by trotting out seven withered corpses which he tries to pass off as fresh country belles. I wrote a bit about it over on my science and culture blog, so if you’re looking for some philosophical smackdownery for your week-after-Christmas pleasure, do give it a read!
– Count Dolby von Luckner