On Saturday Geoff and I were at Castro Valley Pride 2012 in our makeshift Outdoors booth, battling wind and blazing sun in our efforts to bring fine sketches of Matt Smith Mostly Nude to a demanding public. The previous Tuesday, Castro Valley held its first ever public debate about Marriage Equality issues, and I was there. Some of the arguments were interesting in their surface cleverness and fundamental weakness, and I wrote up my responses to those arguments here.
The Rally itself was good fun – wonderful people to just chat a fine afternoon away with, though sometimes the Gaga was pumped so loud that I had to more or less shout to make myself heard to somebody standing two feet away. I was happy to run into Kari Rakitan there, who wanted me to draw up a bit of a thing to use as accompanying art for some fan fiction she’s working on and, since I am a sucker for fan fiction and everything that it represents, I readily agreed. As I’ve said before, this is my absolute favorite sort of thing to do – to be there in the vicinity of something somebody loves and do just a bit to contribute to that passion in some way.
Speaking of passions that are rad, our good friend Madeleine Graham is still going with her Kickstarter to make a recording of multi-tracked cello arrangements of video game music. Madeleine is a wonderful person, a lover of comics, a classical musician many orders of magnitude better than I am but still willing to play with me for reasons that I don’t entirely understand, and a totally legit player of video games. I want this cd, so let’s get this sucker funded!
– Count Dolby von Luckner