There have been many delightful moments that Geoff has had me draw in this arc, but having Jung Fastball Special Freud is in its own special realm of cockle-warming loveliness. And, while talking about Geoffs, luscious props need to be given. He has written all the scripts in this arc – that means he’s been doing every script since October, which is by far the longest either of us has gone before handing off the scripting baton. AND he’s been doing it while planning a wedding and working what he claims is a normal job (have I ever seen a picture of him at this supposed workplace? I have not.). Foppish applause!
I finally caught up on my SHIELD comics and, damn, that’s a great, great comic. It’s basically Tesla, Leonardo, and Newton being badasses in the Marvel universe. It’s definitely worth the trip to the comic store to pick up the back issues (they’ve put out 6 plus one numbered infinity). Don’t worry if you haven’t been following Marvel continuity for the last decade – it works beautifully as a stand alone series, but if you HAVE been hooking up to the Marvel IV, there are all sorts of bits in there to amplify the experience.
– Count Dolby von Luckner