Back when I was in the depths of grad school, I used to come home Thursday nights and attempt to blast all of the day’s tortured attempts at Discussion out of my head by popping open a can of Oranjeboom and sitting down for two hours of ridiculousness courtesy of the WWE. Soon, Geoff and Holland started joining me in this small ritual. We ate oversized pizza, drank Oranjeboom, read comics, and watched wrestling, and in that time we cheered for none louder than Chris Benoit.
Maybe it was because his Finishing Move, the Flying Wolverine, ended up knocking himself unconscious more than it devastated his opponents. Maybe because he always had the appearance of a lumberjack they just happened to let wrestle that night. Whatever it was, comics were put aside to see how they were going to have him heroically lose that week. We stopped watching The Wrestling a while ago, but those memories are some of the best in my life, and so that’s how I’m choosing to remember Benoit.
As regards the comic, historically 1521 is indeed right around the time that Anne Boleyn was returning from France to her family in England. She and her sister had gone to the court of King Francis to pick up some sophistication and worldliness. Of course, sophistication in sixteenth century Europe meant sex, lots and lots of sex. Francis actively encouraged all of his courtiers to maintain multiple mistresses, and himself regularly took the pick of the litter for his own bed. Young Anne was surrounded by talk of Methods of Seduction, Favorite Positions, and the like, and so it is perhaps little surprise that on returning to England she found little trouble in detaching the barren Catherine from Henry’s affection.
– Count Dolby von Luckner