There is a deli near where I live that has a large sign by their gelato counter proclaiming that “In Italy they have no ice cream… only gelato!”
This sort of sweeping statement sticks in a man’s mind while he is enjoying his gelato. How did Italy come to be an ice cream free region? Did Mussolini have something to do with it? Given that gelato is much better than ice cream, does it matter that Italians don’t have access to ice cream?
It would be like saying, “In Spain they have no lemon-lime soft drinks… only Lemon Fanta!”
(And how come they don’t market Lemon Fanta in the States? Did Big Lime slip Coke some big green to ensure that all lemon sodas in the US carried the foul taint of lime?)
Or maybe, “In Canada they don’t have KFC’s Famous Stacker Bowls… only food that isn’t collectively shat into a bucket!”
(Although, I’m pretty sure that Stephen Harper was powerless against the spread of the Colonel’s culinary dystopia. And while normally a good thing, the man is no Il Duce.)
Anyway, the point of all of this is that gelato is a tasty treat. It is also something the Italians got right.