In between getting caught up on inks and grading and essaying and reflecting on the history of the country as one is actually supposed to do on Veteran’s Day, I happened by an utterly charming little webcomic that seems to have just started up a few months ago. It’s Fox and Willow by Aimo Ahmed and Allison Pang. A beautifully drawn and engagingly told bit of a fairy tale about an escaped princess and the cursed fox who accompanies her. We’re still early in the story yet, but the knack for character writing and the stunning visual sense all betoken good things for the future. Give it a look – it’s the sort of story I think you’ll want to ride along with as it’s happening.
Meanwhile, people seem to want more thematically chosen slices of the archives, so here is a quartet of episodes relating to our team of Tertiary Presidential Figures!
Hayes, Cleveland and Harrison Tell It Like It Is. (First Appearance of the trio! April 3, 2008)
The Trio visit Abe at the Lincoln Memorial. With Froot Piez! (November 15, 2011-that’s almost precisely a year ago!)
The Presidents Reveal the Mastermind Behind the Operation! (December 6, 2011)
And my favorite, Cleveland Attempts to Explain What a Drover Is. (December 22, 2012)
– Count Dolby von Luckner