And now, a brief history of Leibniz in the comic! If you are reading through the archives now and don’t want any spoilers, skip on to the paragraph after!
We first came across Leibniz, naturally enough, when Newton was attempting to buy a diving bell. For a blessed year, Newton had no cause to hear his arch-rival’s name until, in Victorian London, he attempted to pass himself off as a necromancer in order to explain away the presence of Abraham Lincoln. Isaac had no way of knowing that one of Leibniz’s side hobbies was the eradication of necromancy, to which end he had built a giant, necromancer hunting, robot. That robot, learning Newton’s real identity, produced a message from Leibniz to Newton, which Newton, in a huff, didn’t read. And so another year passed, when Leibniz again attempted to contact Newton, this time providing him with the clues he needed to start his own (with the help of the cross-parallel-universe Newton Symposium) to figure out a method of non-Power-mediated time travel. And that brings us up to today!
Spoilers be done!
Just looking over at the APE site and I was delighted to find that many of our favorite folks are going to be attending – Minor Acts of Heroism, Carpe Chaos, The Littlest Elle, Agent Agnes, and of course Hark a Vagrant! Neat!
Now that Geoff is scripting, I had a chance to actually sit down and read through my 4 foot stack of unread comics that has been piling up since June. I’m nowhere near through it, but if you haven’t picked up your copy of the first issue of Buffy Season Nine yet, I would highly recommend it.
– Count Dolby von Luckner