First, those who regularly scour our links page might have noticed a new arrival – The Military History Podcast. I came across it yesterday more or less by accident and started with the Frederick the Great episode, which is a great mini guide to why Frederick was militarily successful, which is something I don’t often talk about in these more purely biographical chatters, so check it out!
Speaking of things worth checking out, it was A Day yesterday at the comic store. Ruse 2 (Mark Waid as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, except where Watson is a female and cleverer than her Holmes, and it’s fantastic), FF 2 (I had lost track of the FF for a while, and these two issues have got their hooks right back in me), Morning Glories 9, Mighty Thor 1 (I know, I hate series reboots, but it’s THOR!), Deadpool 36 (actually hits some points of pathos which I didn’t think Deadpool could), and on and on…
My favorite thing about today’s episode was Geoff’s description for the big double panel, which ran basically “Members of the collective unconscious are all dancing around – like the last scene in Roger Rabbit.”
– Count Dolby von Luckner