Emerald City Comic Con After Action Report!
We were seated in-between Katy Hargrove and Blacklist Studios, and they were both fine neighbors. Katy had some cool monster masks, dragon prints, and sketches. Blacklist Studios had a comic about a Mexican wrestlin’ Elvis-impersonatin’ monster hunter.
I also talked with the folks from , and bought a cool shirt from the guy that does Hominids.
Other cool things I obtained at the show were:
A book from Wasted Talent
A copy of Machine of Death
A copy of Agatha H and the Airship City
The Count and I wore our 18th-century-esque finery on Saturday and Sunday. In the context of the table, it made sense that folks dressed up like colonial fops were probably hawking a time travel comic about 18th century monarchs. Wandering around the floor though, people generally thought I was one of the founding fathers. Which is basically close enough.
I had a grand time at this year’s ECCC. Since I know so many people in Seattle, it might be one we come back to attend again.