Technically speaking, the hypercube of time is the oldest character in this strip, beating Frederick by three panels. For those who don’t quite remember how the Power of Time got so down and out, here is a good place to start.
And for those who haven’t ordered their hot hot copy of Light Opera and Heavy Consequences, here is an even grander place to start!
Now, the grand ECCC wrap-up, featuring my favorite favorite things, in no particular order:
1) Minor Acts of Heroism by Adriana Ferguson and Kristen van Dam. This is just a great, great comic about a trio of young super heroes. There is a groundedness to their characterizations that make them as immediately intimate as Whedon characters – they are doing things you would never do, but are entirely accessible. They defy genre and just are who they are, and that’s pretty neat to see.
2) Chew. I know, I’m like the last person in the world to read it, but damn is it good. Not only the premise – a special agent with the ability to gain information from objects by consuming them, in a world ruled by the iron fist of the FDA, but also the tone. This could have been an unreadably disgusting comic, but between the art and writing, it is kept hefty and challenging but still thoroughly enjoyable.
3) Axe Cop. Just go to your comic store and buy Axe Cop #1. It is ridiculously awesome. It’s everything you understood about the world and justice when you were six, wrapped up and brought before you again.
4) King of RPGs : Jason Thompson’s story about a recovering World of Warcraft (basically) addict transitioning himself to tabletop gaming is everything that you love about The Guild with everything you love about The Dead Gentlemen, and a lot more to boot – it’s got the eye for social types that you develop while playing A Lot of online games, with a willingness to go nuts that is eminently admirable.
5) Lending a roll of tape to Sergio Aragones.
6) The Buffy Musical sing along. Maybe a thousand people all gathered together to sing all the words to every song in the best musical ever. High Nerd Communion at its best.
7) Chatting with Trevor Kellogg, Thomas Hall, and Dylan Meconis. Because they are rad, and rad people are neat.
8) My totally sweet original art from Buffy 24 which is basically entirely shots of Giles drinking tea. I’m thinking of having it replace Dante here above my computer if I can find a frame…
9) Manfully drinking Sweetinis and Cosmos in the Roosevelt bar in spite of the combined mocking from Geoff, Brent, Art, and Richard. Cause that’s how the count rolls…
– Count Dolby von Luckner