I have nothing but respect for items. The deus exes of tomorrow come packaged in the items of today.
The phrase “Greetings from the Mystery Box” has its origins in a late night of programming about three years ago. I was working late on a prototype (that had to be done suddenly for some reason I don’t remember) and when I stumbled out of the office at 4am or so, the parking lot was empty save for my car and a large box that had been positioned on top of a trash can in front of the door to the building. It struck me as a good idea to write “Greetings from the Mystery Box” on the box in order to enhance the confusion of some lucky co-worker later that morning and to give a shout out to the popular Mystery Spot by referencing its “Greetings from the Mystery Spot” slogan.
I later learned that the Mystery Spot neither used nor uses such a slogan. However, this phrase that was whispered to me by the universe one caffeine-and-C-addled morning makes a grand title for this episode.