I get to talk first this time, not because I wrote this script, but that I might raise a glass in toast to a great gentleman. About a week ago I, with hands shaky from what was undoubtedly some palsy given me via a street performer’s curse, produced some fan art for one of my favorite comics, The Unstuffed. And now, the act has been returned. Head on over to the FanArt section and give it a look-see!! It’s beautiful, hilarious, and quite possibly contains the cure to cancer.
Is it an accident that our favorite alligator is bearing the weapon of Donatello? Is this The Artist silently implying that Donatello is, in fact, the supremum of the ninja turtle race? Perhaps. It is a wide world, and there is much in it.
Also, for those in the Bay Area, as many as All or as few as Me of us will be at the APE convention this Saturday, so keep a look out for Men (or Man) of Distinction as you make your Alternative Literature purchases. If spotted, a bow or curtsy, followed by a glib world-weary comment, is the traditional greeting ritual.
– Count Dolby von Luckner