Episode 188: Successful Crimes Alone Are Justified

Episode 188: Successful Crimes Alone Are Justified

Ep 188 Geoff

Most of the mathematical heavy lifting in this comic was delegated to The Count. A man more eminently qualified to discuss such matters than I.

As a "computer scientist", most of my knowledge of math in the non-discrete realms has gotten fairly rusty after years of neglect. However, I'd like to think that given a pressing need, and sufficient time with a calculus textbook, I could pick it up again. And I could always call The Count if I got really stuck on the chain rule or something.


Ep 188 Dolby

The thing that actually took the longest in drawing this episode was making up Future Math Equations. I wondered, "What's wrong with current mathematical equations, and how would we fix them, given 700 years or so?" Mainly, I think, it's a matter of motion. Math is all about movement, but there's hardly anything more static than the equations of motions written up with standard algebraic form. So, maybe they get a bit of a Feynman touch to express visually the twists and turns that the terms are being put through.

I'm also looking forward to the day when there has been enough reunification and simplification to allow teachers to never have to say a sentence that begins with, "Well, according to the TOPOLOGICAL definition, maybe, but..."

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Some reasons why Newton Might Just Turn on Frederick:
Frederick Abducted Him
Frederick Refused to Unabduct Him

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