Episode 181: Future Heroes Past

Episode 181: Future Heroes Past

Ep 181 Dolby

Welcome back! Wow, are we already like one sixtieth done with 2009? That's kind of sad, actually...

Anyway, back to the story! It's been a month, so perhaps a refresher is due (retroactive spoiler alert!):

The Civil War went kind-of, sort-of as it should. Thoremerson was defeated, but Frederick Douglass was not permitted to remain in his time, but was rather compelled to return to the 1775 Stasis Year A. That was going pretty much for suck, when Ethan Allen tracked the party there and, unleashing a Voltron-like combine harvester, wiped out Voltaire's pad and, in the confusion, stole the Chronicle of Time. Frederick unleashed Calvin Coolidge to deal with the Harvester. Leonhard Euler showed up to kill Calvin Coolidge, but only managed to knick Allen by mistake. Still, a knick by a Factotum is no laughing matter, so Allen zoomed to the future to get that patched up, which brings us to TODAY!! Ta-Da!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Ep 181 Geoff

Well, I'm back from my vacation and continually working on setting up my new place.

I'm aiming to get my backlog of uncolored comics sorted out (and also to start having the comics colored by update time) within the next few weeks.


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