So, one of my very first exposures to Poe was in the book The Man Who Was Poe by Avi.
I think I read this book when I was ten or so.
Anyway, what this book taught me about Poe was that:
1.) He was a bad ass detective when he could get hootched up enough to give a shit.
2.) He was perfectly willing to kill people, or merely let them die through inaction, in order to find inspiration for a story.
I have since learned that these facts that form the kernel of my impressions about Poe are, more or less, incorrect.
However, the Poe I present in this episode is more of the one inside my childish heart than not; tanked to the gills and figuring things out. (It is possible that I hadn’t yet discovered Sherlock Holmes when I first read “The Man Who Was Poe” or was reading Holmes around the same time, causing some bleed in my impressions.)