First of all, a tremendous thank-you to Geoff for writing pretty much every episode for the past, oh, two months. Between moving to the new house, renting the old one, fighting people who said that, woops, we don’t own the new house, and all the regular stuff and things of life, it has been a tight squeeze over here as of late.
But things all better now and so you’ll see me back up here in the top box from time to time.
As to the real Abe and women, in one of his letters there is a nice account of one of the women a friend tried to set him up with:
“In a few days we had an interview, and although I had seen her before, she did not look as my imagination had pictured her. I knew she was over-size, but she now appeared a fair match for Falstaff; I knew she was called an ‘old maid’, and I felt no doubt of the truth of at least half the appellation; but now, when I beheld her, I could not for my life avoid thinking of my mother; and this, not from withered features, for her skin was too full of fat, to permit its contracting into wrinkles; but from her want of teeth, weather-beaten appearance in general, and from a kind of notion that ran in my head, that NOTHING could have commenced at the size of infancy, and reached her present bulk in less than thirtyfive or forty years; and, in short, I was not at all pleased with her.” – Abe Lincoln, Letter of 1838
– Count Dolby von Luckner