If you were with us back at the end of February, you might recall that the Chronicle of Time had a bit of trouble figuring out where Douglass had spent the last ten years or so. Since that Chronicle is plugged in to the same power source as the Chapeau, it meant that our boys couldn’t transport directly to Douglass, leading to the months of wandering hinted at in our panel 1 caption. And whereas it was a mighty battle to resist the temptation to devote a comic to each and every rube that the team questioned in vain on their way west, eventually some twinkling of humanity left in our breasts won out and here we are, and so are you. Yay!
In other news, HijiNKS Ensue has recently hypothesized a partially ordered relation between the addictions of LOTR and the Whedon-Battlestar Nexus which is worth considering. Ultimately, it is my firm belief that anybody who spends any moment of his life not actively or passively engaged with Whedon-derived product is fundamentally dead inside, but that might just be me.
– Count Dolby von Luckner