Let me tell you a story about how tough Ty Cobb was. His tonsils got infected and had to be removed. However, he was scheduled to play in a game only a few hours later, and didn’t want his play to be affected by any kind of painkillers. So, he just sat down in the chair and told the doctor to cut them out of his head right then and there without anesthetic. He got up, went to the field, and played a full game because he was TY COBB, damn it.
Unlike most players of his time, he also had a decent existence after baseball thanks to wise investment in a little company called Coca-Cola. He took it as a personal insult anytime anybody drank Pepsi in his presence, a stealing of money from his own pockets.
And now your Donnie Murphy Update:
Donnie Murphy was again kept from play on Wednesday in the A’s game against the Blue Jays. Speculation has it that this is all merely a test of the faithful, that He might separate His True-Believers from mere hangers-on upon his return…
– Count Dolby von Luckner