Yes. Please enjoy our Fop Training episodes while I look for a house to live in. The main story and colors will return when I am no longer a vagrant.
But enough about my current hobo status!
Here is an interesting Frederick and Voltaire fact, sent to me by a friend, who found this on the wikipedia entry on rebus:
It is written that when Voltaire was the guest of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci Palace, they exchanged puzzle notes. Frederick sent over a page with two picture blocks on it: two hands below the letter “P”, and then the number 100 below a picture of a handsaw, all followed by a question mark. Voltaire replied with: Ga!
Both messages were rebuses in the French language: deux mains sous Pé, cent sous scie? (= demain souper, Sanssouci?, “supper tomorrow, Sanssouci?”); reply: Gé grand, a petit (= j’ai grand appétit!, “I am very hungry!”).