I am unambiguously All About Stan Lee. Even leaving aside the astounding character and universe building and the great emotional turn in mainstream comics he brought about, what I shall always be grateful to Stan Lee for is how he portrayed the process of artistic creation to generations of young’uns. I would read his little Stan Soapbox blurbs in my weekly comic pull (which was exclusively Marvel growing up) and get excited about the idea of creativity itself just by listening to him talk about the Bullpen. Whether it was a realistic portrait or not, it got me excited about working on creative projects with other people, about letting ideas careen around a room, about doing great work but not taking yourself too seriously, and that had, I am maybe realizing this for the first time this very moment, a really profound influence on my life trajectory. So, this bit is my little tribute to The Man. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
– Count Dolby von Luckner