I’ve always wanted to make a University RPG where you pick up levels in academic disciplines, so you could be a Level 4 German Linguist but a Level 10 Differential Equation Wizard. Anyway, if the scale is 1-10, I don’t think there’s any question about putting Descartes as a 9 on Maths – perhaps not a Gauss or Euler level, but in terms of importance for modern mathematics, he’s damn up there. Philosophically I was debating between 7 and 8… on the one hand you’ve got an incredibly bold destructive philosophy, on the other you have, the other stuff… Of course, if he’s a 7, who’s a 10? Probably Nietzsche… ummm…. I’d say Hume, but that’s because I’m a soulless determinist so he’s important to me. Other nominations? Fire ‘em up on our Twitter!
– Count Dolby von Luckner