Happy Halloweeeeen!
I’ve been down in the art mines crafting up some extra pieces I thought I’d share. First, the image from what our Kickstarter backers will be receiving in sticker form, Frederick’s homage to the great Nintendo classic, Rush’N Attack, which features my favorite type of joke, a pun that makes no sense that build upon a pun that does but that was terrible:

And then, two pieces that will be up for charity auction at Skepticon 6 this year (in just 17 short days!!!). The first features Rebecca Watson, Shelley Segal, and Hemant Mehta:

And the second has JT Eberhard, Aron Ra, and Monica Miller in their Super Hero forms:

And finally, Amanda Knief, PZ Myers, John Corvino, and David Fitzgerald off on a Jolly Holiday!

So, if you’re in the area, swing on by, check out the show, and walk away with some lovely original artwork!
– Count Dolby von Luckner