Publication announcements! So, there’s a small clutch of articles heading out onto the newsstands in the coming months that you might want to pick up if you’re of an article-picking-up bent. First, in the new issue of The Freethinker, I’ve an article on how Reza Aslan’s new book more or less rips off the central thesis of an eighteenth century German writer and then gives him absolutely no credit for it.
Then, in December, in Skeptical Inquirer, I’ve got a piece looking at Dean Radin’s Supernormal and the dodgy statistics manipulation therein, so if you love your skepticism laced with guffawing references to shoddy math, it should be just your thing!
But, if you don’t live in Britain or can’t wait that long to see what I have to say about totally random things, why not come and visit me this weekend at APE? Geoff and I will be at our booth, chatting about history and pretty much anything that tickles your fancy, so do give us a visit, do!
– Count Dolby von Luckner