Since the Count is slacking on discussing ECCC, I will discuss things of note that I saw there. Now, these folks probably don’t need the eminently countable tens of people we can send their way, but I’ll give them shoutouts anyway:
The Geekerific crew is full of nice people that are fun to go drinking with.
I bought a CD from The Doubleclicks that I am finding to my liking.
Erika Moen was super nice. Both my wife and brother took one look at this artichoke print that she had and declared that they must own it no matter what the cost. I’m pulling for her to win the Penny Arcade Strip Search.
My own, “I must own this no matter what the cost,” moment came from Fez-O-Rama. They had a red velvet fez with a tiki on it that is now mine. It will match my smoking jacket perfectly.
I bought several new books from Ben Thompson of Badass of the Week. These books double as research for Frederick! Although, I don’t think I’ve worked anyone from them into the comic yet…
Lucas Elliott is from the old country (Alaska). Even though he is from Fairbanks and I am A-Rage ’til I die, he had some pretty sweet t-shirts.
I was able to very quickly tell Noelle Stevenson how much I like her comic, Nimona. This comic is great and everybody should be reading it.
We also had great conversations with everybody that stopped by the booth! Special thanks to Brittany Summers for chatting with us about all manner of things. It sure is great when people recognize us from past years.