Before talking a bit about our time at ECCC, I want to start by saying that John Searle is probably my favorite living philosopher – so what IS his dire purpose?
I think the first two tools in panel four are probably sussable, but for the third one I’ll let Heidegger do the explaining from his Question Concerning Technology essay: “Enframing means the gathering together of the setting-upon that sets upon man, i.e. challenges him forth, to reveal the actual, in the mode of ordering, as standing-reserve.” So, there you go!
We just got back late last night from the Emerald City Comic Con, and as usual it was a beautiful and lovely time… with occasional Prussians!

I am going to write about it, and the awesome stuff and people we found there, on Thursday when my brain is mostly back in my head and I’ve had a chance to read through this two foot high stack of stuff I brought back, but overall I want to say thank you to the lovely and wonderful people that made it such a fine time – to ueber minion Lauren, and delightful neighbor Ren Cummins, to the whole Trade Secrets Podcast crew, and as always to Art and Geoff for being fine fellow travelers. And most importantly, to the dozens of folks who came up to us and gave me some crazy thing to draw. To the 25 of you who are awaiting yours in the mail, I’ll have my order list up on Thursday so you’ll have a pretty good idea when to expect them then! Probably no earlier than Saturday but no later than two weeks from now! And to those who forgot to give me their address by con’s closing – you still can! E-mailing to is brutally effective!
– Count Dolby von Luckner