Before getting to comic business, here is a totally awesome site that was brought to my attention by Jochem Atteveld. Basically, it’s a historical atlas where you can punch in any year and see the political division of the world at that time. It reminds me of those colored growth maps you got at the end of Civilization (at least the first two) when you finished a game where you just watch your color grow from a blip on the map to taking over the world. It’s really fun.
Well, this here’s the last week of Geoff’s arc, so I spent today going back through the whole thing to pick out my top ten favorite moments. I’m going to put 5 of them up today and 5 up on Thursday, and if you’ve got a favorite that I missed, we’ll be talking about it over on Facebook throughout the week! So, here are numbers 10 through 6!
Number 10: Episode 450: Frederick Decorates Theodora’s palace with baby portraits and the first appearance of the Eigenpower!
Because – Rococo! And Eigenpower!
Number 9: Episode 548: The Sea Lions respond to Flave’s Call! I just like the ridiculousness of the Storming the Beaches scene in the last panel.
Number 8: Episode 449: Voltaire and the Swan. Because it’s such over-the-top Voltaireishness I love it.
Number 7: Episode 462: Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. Panel 4 is among my favorite things we’ve ever done.
Number 6: Episode 494: Taft and the Tub. When we go out to conventions, Taft is perhaps, next to Abe, our most requested president for sketches. There is some mad Taft love out there, and some real recognition of his merits as a president. I think this episode nicely salutes all of that.
Which leaves my 5 very favorite moments for Thursday, when we close out this arc with… A Mystery!!
– Count Dolby von Luckner