More on GAME NIGHT WITH THE SCHOLARS in the next paragraph, but for now Geoff and I are gearing up for the Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle the weekend of March 1! The new book won’t be out by then, unfortunately, but we’re working on a nice little set of Ridiculous Things that visitors to our booth might take home and send to friends whom they aren’t too particular about befuddling. Good times! So if you’re around and about Seattle then, come see us, do!!
Now, Game Night!! One of our high-tier Kickstarter rewards is an evening of games with The Scholars – we are the both of us of a board game sort, and like nothing more than whiling away the hours saving the world from pandemics, or chipping sheep into bricks, or watching our mercantile giant empire rise and fall, or, well, you get the notion. There are only 3 spots left for you to partake of the festivities, rummage through the Count’s mausoleum of historical volumes, and listen to Geoff’s short list of the three hundred alternative fiction novels that you Positively Must Read! With ever-so-fancy cheeses!
– Count Dolby von Luckner