YES! For a pledge of one thin dollar YOU can proudly add your name to the forming ranks of Frederick faithful! CHOOSE YOUR REGIMENT!
Do you love invading rich Imperial provinces while dreaming of one of Quantz’s five billion flute sonatas? Then surely you must join THE FREDERICK FOP BRIGADE! Where Philosophy meets Fabulous!
Does your soul cry out at the injustice Man wreaks upon Man? And, incidentally, are you occasionally given to funk-based acts of superhuman agility? Then to ABE’S ABOLISHERS OF INJUSTICE with you!!
Is it the firm belief of your soul that there is no problem that a combination of math and cunning disguises can’t ultimately solve? Mark your X upon the rolls of NEWTON’S PRINCIPIA PLAYERS!
Or perhaps you find, from time to time, the boredom of the day is best broken by performing amateur surgery and watching dwarves get married. And if that be the case, there is no place you can possibly be but PETER’S PREOBRAZHENSKOERS!
At the close of the Kickstarter, each regiment will have its own page with the full membership roll listed on this very site, and if you donate $5 we’ll send you the membership card of your regiment, a welcome letter from your regiment leader, AND a stunning bookmark bearing his likeness and inspirational words!
– Count Dolby von Luckner