Now it can be told!!
The Kickstarter has launched, and all you need do is click here to discover secrets aplenty! WHAT two arcs will be included? HOW can you get yourself a ticket to the most exclusive private Gilbert and Sullivan Parody Concert of the decade? Just how does one join Frederick’s Fop Brigade?
But I will share one item that we’ve been keeping under wraps lo these last few months. If we make our stretch goal of $3000, we’re going to go back to the very first arc and entirely redo the art. As a reminder of just what that art looked like, here’s Episode 7 as it was in early 2007:

And here’s how it looks NOW!

So, empty out those Boba Fett piggy banks, me droogies, because now is the time to show your FtG colors and help us celebrate our sixth anniversary – with money!!!
– Count Dolby von Luckner