Before getting to some hot Walpole action, here is the Eigenpower’s first appearance, for those who weren’t around 110 episodes ago when Geoff’s mighty arc started! Enjoy!
I have been reading, here and there in the nanomoments allowed to me by a jealous world, Edward Pearce’s Robert Walpole biography, and it’s been generally speaking among my favorite history book experiences ever. I can’t help but quote my thus-far-favorite passage, though really any random page would do, as it’s all pretty much this delightfully snarky:
On Sacheverell, who had effectively gotten away with light treason:
“He would proceed to a round of celebratory Tory dinners, to a positive progression via an Oxford which had never actually liked him very much but now hung out its flags, on through sympathetic Midlands shires, where, amid bonfires and more dinners, he enjoyed all the pleasures of a platonic martyrdom with the advantage of being floridly alive.”
Ah, I love it.
– Count Dolby von Luckner