Well, there’s 550 right there – Geoff let me know a while ago that I would be drawing sea lions performing kung fu, but it’s one thing to be emotionally prepared, and another to be actualizing a sea lion Double-Dragon Style jump kick. I celebrated 550 by taking a look back at the previous 50s for a little walk down memory lane. Join me, won’t you?
Episode 50: Anne Boleyn and Emily Dickinson Make Cunning Use of Frederick (from July 5, 2007!)
Episode 150: The Origin of Flaveraham! (from August 28, 2008!)
Episode 250: Frederick Explains His Team’s Many Accomplishments to the Eastern Team (from September 10, 2009!)
Episode 350: Ivan the Fabulous Launches Moscow Into Space, Malyuta Becomes Tsar, and Baba Yaga Shakes Hands with a Bear (From September 23, 2010!)
Episode 450: Frederick Redecorates Empress Theodora’s Castle with Rococo Cherubs and the Eigenpower Arrives! (From September 29, 2011!)
Now, on to 600!!
– Count Dolby von Luckner