APE was a fine, fine time, as ever. Many things to get lusciously excited about, but my favorite part of the day was undoubtedly when a reader presented Geoff and I with matching Rutherford B. Hayes coins that had been altered to present the terrifying visage of Rutherborg B. Hayes. Mine is sitting on my desk looking at me even now. It’s little things like that that keep us going year in and year out.
We’ve been sharing the sketches from the Con over our twitter feed, and might have a few of them up here during the coming days, but I really want to talk about a few things that I think you’ll find wonderful:
First, Boston Metaphysical Society by Madeleine Holly-Rosing. I picked up the first volume and it is great – it’s a Victorian Ghostbusters except with some question as to the morality of just destroying beings of a different spectral plane (yes, the Ghostbusters “contained” theirs, but still…). AND it features Tesla, Edison, and other favorites of the Steampunk Pantheon. Tesla’s a bit more of a jerk than I’m entirely comfortable with (poor guy spent his last days collecting and nursing wounded pigeons, for crying out loud), but other than that it is a consistently greatly written and beautifully drawn addition to the historical comic fold.
And speaking of additions to the historical comic fold, Civil Four is the story of the Silver Age that followed Booth’s failed assassination attempt upon Lincoln. The books are beautifully put together, and that’s really the way you want to read them, but the episodes are also readable on the main site. To conclude: Magical Battle Armor Harriet Tubman.
So much more to talk about, but then that’s what Thursday’s were made for, yes?
– Count Dolby von Luckner