Ah, plan A. It has a storied history amongst The Scholars. Back in the days when Geoff, Art, and I used to play WoW every week, Plan A was Art’s signal to us to just go in and whack on things until they died, because his character was so perfectly tuned that it could compensate for all of our amateurish flailing. Geoff was a lot better at that game than I was, but still, next to the consummate gamesmanship of Art we looked more like Sir Digby Chicken Caesar and Ginger than anything else. Still, we had fun, and I’d like to think that, deep down, our woefully tangential antics gave Art a bit of amusement too.
Say, APE is coming up in less than two weeks!!! DO come and see us, won’t you? It will probably be our only California appearance this year since WonderCon seems like it’s going to be in damn Anaheim again, and between the chance to get your own free historical sketch and take a picture with us while dressed in a 19th century Prussian helmet, how can you lose?
– Count Dolby von Luckner