It’s the Second Anniversary of The Vocate today!! Swing on by for all the jokes about 15th century theology that you can stand!!
And as to other things that are rad and ought to be stood, on Saturday we celebrated my birthday in our usual fashion, and Lust for Freelance’s Madeleine Graham came by with some piano trio arrangements of Final Fantasy music that she worked up. She on Cello and The Countess on violin did lovely thing, and I thumped along drunkily on piano in my own fashion, proudly representing a good 70% of the notes. In any case, THERE ARE JUST TWO DAYS LEFT to Madeleine’s Kickstarter. I can tell you from first hand experience, she KNOWS how to arrange video game music in an eerie and beautiful way for strings, and I really want to see this cd happen, so swing by, convince your friends to swing by – commit rampant financial fraud – the world NEEDS this!!
In other news from the party, we tried out a new cooperative game, Shadows Over Camelot. Our usual standby for this genre is Pandemic, which is still much beloved, but this is a great addition – I’ve only played it through 3 times so far, but each game was totally different – it’s great at taking you out of your Comfortable Solution zone and making you really think together to optimize your actions because, at each turn, something Entirely Awful might happen. We just barely pulled out two victories by flagrantly ignoring the You Have To Be At The Round Table To Fight Siege Engines rule. In any case, if you’re like me, and like to end an evening of acrimonious board gamery with a coop game, it’s a really nice addition.
– Count Dolby von Luckner