I managed to pull Geoff away from his new love long enough to take a trip down to the comic convention in San Jose on Saturday. No Webcomic Alley to speak of, but I did manage to score a couple of issues of Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, which I have been assured will tickle every Dr. Doom loving nucleotide in my genetic code.
On to the comic then. The Catholics and Protestants didn’t agree on much in the early sixteenth century, but they did come to an accord that the Anabaptists (think OG Amish) were up to no good, and regularly beat the crap out of them whenever they got the chance. For their part, the Anabaptists saw the other religious movements of the day pretty much like the comic suggests, really…
Peter took great pride in his calluses, starting a Russian trend of applying fake calluses on the hands with a sort of spirit gum. Critics of the nobility soon came to call them Serf Tears, thus Gogol’s epigram, “The only honest way to greet a man now is by shaking feet with him.” Of course, one of Lenin’s first acts was to collect a pile of Serf Tears ripped from White Counter-Revolutionaries and burn them in front of the Kremlin to the strains of “A Battleship, A Battleship, March.”
Okay, fine, that’s entirely made up. But Peter DID show off his calluses more than one might expect.
– Count Dolby von Luckner